Are You A Land Investor Who Can Do 12+ Deals Per Year?

Automate your leads with our proven system so you can focus on doing deals. Plus we have a Risk-Free offer that's kind of outrageous.

  • Saves Time

  • Adjusts To Fit Your Scale

  • Costs 1/2 As Much As Mailers

Introducing The "LandStream System"

Exclusive Alert: We dedicate our team to each client so we can guarantee your success. This means that sometimes there's a waiting list to work with us. Book your call now to get access.

Professional Cold Calling – Simplified for YouWe're not just another service; we're an elite call center dedicated to the land flipping niche.

Leads Ready To Sell

We drop leads right into your CRM. We vet leads so they're expecting your call. Which means you save time. You just negotiate deals and flip them.

Elite Data & Skip Tracing

Quality data is hard to find but we have the best. We teamed up with Easy Button Skip Tracing because they specialize in land.

Pro Cold-Callers On Your Team

Every member boasts 2+ years phone experience and speaks comfortable English . Say goodbye to that typical "call center vibe".

Adjustable Data-Driven Lead Flow

Tailor your leads to your pace. With daily KPIs, you're in control – scale up or dial down. Never miss an opportunity, never feel overwhelmed.

No Brainer Guarantee

We're so confident that we'll send you leads for 2 weeks, completely free.All you cover is the cost of the data – and guess what? It's yours to keep. Don't even think about commitments until you've seen our results firsthand.Once you see how easy it is and how much value we provide, you can opt into our quarterly partnership.Simply put: If our system isn’t a hit for you, your wallet stays untouched.


The Clock Is Ticking: Remember, we can only handle a few clients per month. Once our spots are gone, there gone!

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So, you're sending me 2 weeks of leads for FREE?Spot on. We're that confident. You only pay for the data. We will have our caller dedicate 2 weeks to your campaign. That means you will have a professional sales person working full time just to bring you leads... For FREE
What's the catch with the "4-month package"?It’s simple: If our leads get you signed offers, you can opt into our 4-month package. We're in it for the long haul, forging lasting partnerships.
Why do you only take 2 clients per month for the free leads offer?We believe in quality over quantity. By focusing on one client at a time, we ensure that you receive our undivided attention and unparalleled service.
What if the volume of leads is too much for me to handle?No stress. Our system is data-driven. Adjust the lead flow to match your comfort zone. We'll synchronize with your pace, be it fast or steady.
What's the magic behind the Elite Automation Blueprint?Our partner team has built this same system 40+ times in other industries. Add that to our passion to perfect the land flipping process. We're all in on this mission.
I'm a newbie in the land flipping arena. Can I still hop on?While it's possible for a new land flipper to hop in, you would need a team and full time committment. Your team needs to be able to follow up with leads every day, while also buying and selling 1 property per month. This is for teams who have a system and are ready to scale while saving time and money.
Any concerns regarding the "call center vibe"?Put those worries to rest. Our callers are seasoned pros. We prioritize genuine interactions over scripted monologues. We target clear and comfortable English speakers in our hiring.
How quickly can I expect the leads to come in?Think of us as your trusty engine, always in high gear. It takes us about a week to ramp up, then you can expect steady leads
What exactly do I pay for?We provide you a trained sales person. We give them great data for your niche. They call and send you the hot leads. If you want to expand, you simply ask us for a 2nd caller. Each caller only works for you.
Do I own the data:Yes, we'll give you copies of all the the scrubbed data so you can use it in your other campaigns.
How are leads sourced and vetted?In short we get the best scrubbed data in the industry. This means we're more effective with each record. We use a proprietary method that was refined building 30+ call centers. And we work with a partner to skip trace and scrub the data effectively.
I already do mailers, why should I use cold callers?It's all about deal flow. Imagine similar results, similar cost, but none of the work. People use our system because it frees them up to close more deals. And some people are only available by phone so it opens up a new lead channel.
What do I get with each agent I hire?You can expect 1-3 warm leads per day from each agent. They can contact 10,000+ records a month.
How do you provide leads?When we get a hot lead, we upload it directly to your CRM. We also give you a daily report detailing the leads we sent.
How many leads can I expect each month?30+ leads per month. That's our safe estimate. More importantly when you convert one of those leads it's worth profits should be over $15,000.
Why is your office in Belize?English is a primary language in Belize so they speak fluently. There is a work-culture built around phone sales in Belize. So they're very talented. They are very in tune with American culture.
What experience will my sales people have?We require every sales person has 2+ years experience on the phone. We pay above market rate so we attract and retain top talent. So your future clients will feel like they're talking to a pro in the US.
I hate call centers and spam calls.That's not a question, but so do we. Call centers have a bad name because they aren't run professionally. We change that. Our agents are fluent in English and friendly. We have good acoustics so you don't hear echos and computer typing. We start speaking immediately, so there isn't an awkward pause. And we get right to the point. No tricks. So our level of professionalism is VERY rare in this space.

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